Spring 2020 – Private Lessons & Directed Studies

Private digital music composition lessons give students the opportunity to explore any area of study that interests them through projects that they design. Topics range from sound design and synthesis, to mixing and mastering, or even writing custom code that blurs the boundaries between visual art and musical composition.

Spring 2020 – The Sonic Experience

This course is designed for students interested in or already engaged in interdisciplinary coursework in music, audio arts, computer programming, and interactivity. The Sonic Experience provides a unifying framework of contexts, theories, and applications to enhance students’ understanding of and competencies in these allied Music Technology fields.

Spring 2020 – Digital Music Composition and Performance

In this course, students developed the foundational skills and knowledge necessary for the creative use of technology in music composition and performance. Students explored the basics of electro-acoustic music, object-oriented computer programming, psychoacoustics, and live and automated manipulation of audio as it relates to sound production and music composition. This course gave students an understanding of the technology essential to today’s composer/performer in a hands-on environment that emphasized the immediate creative application of new knowledge.

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