• DRD_FM-Strings_Alg-04

    Sampled from an original Yamaha DX7 the DRD_FM-Strings series brings you the surprisingly warm and rich tones of this iconic FM synth with the expanded and updated conveniences and capabilities of Native Instruments' Kontakt. This collection of Kontakt instruments is inspired by the DX7's "Strings" patch and offers seven, carefully sampled DX7 algorithms each with their own unique sonic characteristics ranging from Alg-01's soft, creamy waveforms to the jagged, driving punchiness of Alg-07. 


    Each instrument features:

    • Two AHDSR envelopes, one for the volume and another for modulating the filter's cutoff frequency.
    • The distinctive Pro-53 lowpass filter.
    • The ability to control or randomize the sample start location to achieve endless variation in attack qualities.
    • Analoge style pitch drift.
    • Up to 32 unison voices with indepent width and voice detunning controls.
    • And up to 1000 note polyphony.
    • Requirements:

      This instrument requires Native Instruments' Kontakt or Kontakt Player 5.8.1+.


      You can download Kontakt Player for free at:


    • Download & Installation Instructions:

      1) Once your payment has been accepted a download link will appear. Download and unzip the linked file. 


      2) In your sample library directory make a folder called "DRD_Sounds."


      3) Within that folder, create another folder called "DRD_FM-Strings."


      4) Move the downloaded folder and all it's content into your newly created "DRD_FM-Strings" folder.


      5) If you have not already, download, install, and open either Native Instruments' Kontakt, or Kontakt Player.


      6) Make Kontakt's "Quickload" area visible.


      7) In the Quickload area select "Instument" then right-click in the leftmost colum and create a new folder called "DRD_Sounds."


      8) Select the new "DRD_Sounds" folder and create another folder inside that called "DRD_FM-Strings."


      9) From your computer's file browser find the downloaded .nki file (e.g. "DRD_FM-Strings_Alg-01.nki) and drag-n-drop it inside the "DRD_FM-Strings" folder you just created in Kontakt's Quickload section. 


      10) For each DRD_FM-Strings instrument that you download move its entire folder to the "DRD_FM-Strings" folder in your computer's file browser and add its .nki file to the same location in Kontakt's Quickload section.


      11) To begin using the instrument, either double-click on it in the Quickload section, or drag-n-drop it into Kontakt's Rack.


      For more information on using Kontakt, please reference its user manual or visist: https://www.native-instruments.com